Close Up Magic Performed in Birmingham

Renowned magician Max Malini performed on Kauai –

Renowned magician Max Malini performed on Kauai
When Max Malini (1873–1942) — one of the greatest magicians of all time — arrived at Honolulu in 1912 on the first of several visits to Hawaii, he entertained Queen Liliuokalani at a luncheon given in her honor. And, in the course of a long career as

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Whose trick was it? Britain’s Got Talent winner’s final stunt is VERY similar to one performed by magician on US version of talent show

Britain’s Got Talent winner Richard Jones has been accused of being ‘lazy’ after he used a trick performed by a magician on the American version of the talent show just two years ago. The Army bandsman, 25, wowed the judges and left the audience in tears …
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Mohanlal performed magic !

When superstar Mohanlal decided to join hands with magician Gopinath Muthukad years ago to perform a daring escape act, he faced opposition from all over the state and was forced to drop the idea. But now it looks the actor’s love for the art of magic …
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‘America’s Got Talent’ Results: Criss Angel & LeAnn Rimes Performed Plus the Last Top 4 Selected – Associated Content

Howie was thrilled his chosen act, Conor Doran, that he brought back made it into the semi-finals. Doran said to Nick that CJ is a great rapper and he didn’t want to go up against him, because they have become …
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