Magician Richard Jones says going backstage on BGT was ‘really bizarre’ (VIDEO)

Magician Richard Jones returns to our screens this weekend in a new magic show special – and also gets to revisit the show where he found fame, BGT! Following his huge success from the talent show, the magician’s new TV special allows him to boost the …
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Richard the Adequate – Orlando Weekly

Orlando Weekly

Richard the Adequate
Orlando Weekly
Richard the Adequate: When I was 6, I saw the movie Houdini with Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, and it was one of those things. I was instantly captivated it was wow and my dad saw that. After the movie he got out the Encyclopedia Britannica H Volume and

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In this episode of the Magic Newswire’s “Spirit of Magic” podcast, my guest is best selling author and psychologist Ruchard Wiseman. My friend Brian Brushwood joined us to cohost.  Richard’s most recent book release “In his latest book, Paranormality,” Richard discusses how a disbelief into paranormal concepts like elepathy, fortune-telling and out-of-body experiences can produce insights into our brains, human behavior and belief systems.

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Magician Richard ‘The Adequate’ finds street entertaining more than satisfactory – Orlando Sentinel

He’s part magician, part comedian, part motivational speaker and all entertainer for downtown Orlando’s nightlife crowd, and he credits the experience of living under a bridge with getting him where he is today. Richard “The Adequate” and his top hat have …
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