Jun 202015

Are you looking to truly entertain and impress Dad this Father’s Day? Reserve tickets for the Blazin’ Magic dinner and show this Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, as Las Vegas magician and performer Kevin Barnes, hits the stage at the Blazin’ M Ranch in …
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Apr 062015

A few months ago, magician Justin Willman was performing a magic trick at a party that left one guest awestruck. The guy wanted to know how the trick was done but Willman explained he would rather not steal this guy’s beautiful sense of wonder.
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Nov 062013


Kanye West, Katy Perry To Appear in Magician David Blaine's New TV Special
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David Blaine, famed doer of “magic” like suspending himself upside-down and electrocuting himself for 72 hours, is set to return to the small screen where he got his start doing Street Magic. His new 90-minute TV special, David Blaine: Real or Magic
Kanye To Appear In David Blaine's Real Or Magic TV SpecialStereogum
Kanye West, Katy Perry to Appear in David Blaine Magic SpecialRollingStone.com
Kanye West To Appear On David Blaine's Upcoming ABC Special | NewsstupidDOPE.com

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Apr 262011

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Bruce Lee Lives!

Or at least that’s the title of Fuel TV’s new six-part series documenting the martial arts legend’s legacy. Among those recounting how Lee changed their lives will be magic’s own Criss Angel. He joins actor Ryan Phillippe, guitarist Carlos Santana and director Zach Snyder in giving testimonials.

In all the Criss Angel interviews we’ve read since running this site (a lot) we can’t recall him brining up Lee so we’re curious to see what his testimonial is in the series. It debuts Sunday, July 17th at 10 p.m. on Fuel TV.

To the right is Criss during his interview for the series, which came from his Twitter.

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Apr 182011

In continuing with his recent trend of “investigative” TV specials, Derren Brown is set to release a new special that will air in the UK on Easter Monday. The show is titled ‘DERREN BROWN: MIRACLES FOR SALE‘ and here is a little bit about the show from the blog of Mr. Derren Brown himself:

This is the special about faith-healing that some of you will have heard about. It has been the most intensely difficult project that I have attempted: to train an ordinary member of the public as a faith healer, then take him out to Texas, the heart of the Bible Belt, and try to pass him off as the real deal. We filmed this at the end of last year amidst concerns that we had bitten off far more than we could chew….. The film we made is driven by a desire to expose what I consider to be a foul and dangerous fraud at the expense of the sick, the needy and the faithful all over the world.

This certainly will be interesting to see. To all our UK readers please feel free to let us know what you thought of the show!

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