Magician Pranks People, Makes Foam Genitalia Appear on Their Hands!

“Is it okay if I put my balls in your hands?” sounds like a sleazy pickup line from a pervert but in this case, it’s street magician Julien Magic asking permission to perform a trick on people cool enough to take it. Famous for his hilarious street …
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The science of magic tricks: From misdirection to ‘pausing’ time, experts reveal how their illusions mess with our minds

A magician must make a trick look effortless, but it’s very unlikely that anything is casual or spontaneous in a magic show. Just as you might go to a ballet and imagine the sweat and tears needed to achieve amazing dance moves, magic is choreographed but …
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The most magical wedding ever? Bride pulls off amazing magic trick by making her husband FLOAT above the floor during their first dance

For Los Angeles magician Justin Willman and his comedian bride-to-be Jillian Sipkins, busting out a cool first dance was a little 2014. Also – neither can really dance. So they decided to get tricky. During their first dance, they pulled off an amazing …
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