VIDEO: Watch this young Irish magician’s ‘unlimited chicken nugget’ trick

Watch this young Irish magician’s ‘unlimited chicken nugget’ trick

MAGIC can happen at any moment, as this Irishman proved during a trip to McDonalds.Proving that playing with your food isn’t always a bad thing, Joel pulled off a string of dazzling tricks using just his meal for props.He’s replaced the old reliables of pulling rabbits from hats and cutting assistants in half with making chicken nuggets reappear.Can you figure out how he pulls his stints off?

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Watch: This magician surprises a homeless man by performing tricks to brighten his day

The video does not make it look like this was a spontaneous incident. Carefully shot and edited, it seems to be working to a script. Still, this encounter between a homeless man selling flowers on the pavement and his customer was truly, well, magical.
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Watch This Magician Give Rach CHILLS With His Wild Magic Trick

Do you believe in magic? After magician Adam Trent’s visit, Rach just might! When he stopped by our show, he involved Rach, our special guest Emeril AND our studio audience in a fun number and color-oriented trick — and it had TWO parts.
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Tik Tik Tik teaser: Watch Jayam Ravi play a magician and astronaut in ‘India’s first space film’

Jayam Ravi’s upcoming Tamil film, Tik Tik Tik, has been in buzz ever since the film was declared. Touted to be India’s first space film, director Shakti Soundar Rajan has raised expectations of millions of his admirers with this film. The first look of …
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