Street magician back to work again – Tuoitrenews

Street magician back to work again
Performing street magic is challenging work for many illusionists. However for Petey Nguyen, a street magician of Vietnamese ancestry, it is a passion and a way to communicate with the world. After watching people do card tricks on a website, Petey

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Why Do the “forces” Used by Magicians Work? – Associated Content

Magicians routinely use “forces” to make their subjects choose a specific card, take a specific action, or otherwise do what the magicians want them to do. But why do these forces work? Don’t audience The classic force – and one I have used in amateur …
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Believe’ it: Criss Angel’s work has markedly improved Luxor show – Las Vegas Sun

To borrow a phrase, the whole thing has kind of freaked my mind. How it was that I ushered in the New Year with Criss Angel, I mean. How it was that I turned KatMobile II over to a parking attendant at Angel’s grandiose estate, which he has dubbed …
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Does it Really Work? – Criss Angel Mindfreak Tricks – KIDK

Story Updated: Oct 12, 2010 at 9:23 AM MDT We continue our test of various magic tricks with Criss Angel’s Mindfreak Kits. This week we find out if anybody can be a magician. I’m hoping to astonish some co-workers with these tricks. First off, a quick glance a
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Does it Really Work? – Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball – KIDK

what this is is juggling,” says Magic Mike McKellar. The infomercial claims that anyone can pick up Fushigi and make it look like it’s floating. The included DVD shows a basic introduction then various tricks. Our expert magician who seconds ago was …
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