TEDxNorrkoping – Lennart Green, Niklas Lennartsson – A Bonus Close-up Magic Performance

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  1. global_silence says:

    Круто конечно, но не люблю такой стиль работы с картами. Как-то все неуклюже и не очень красиво.

  2. Herman Hermitz says:

    The first guy who performs looks like he is a Vietnamese gangster who asks protection money from casinos. Watch out for him.

  3. ChrisHallett83 says:

    It takes a GREAT deal of skill to be as good at sleight of hand and misdirection as Lennart Green but perform as though you are a slightly forgetful bumbling older man.

  4. Lukas Straka says:

    The audience has nooo clue what he is doing, horrible! Even worse, they dont get the jokes…

  5. llJakell says:

    I find it funny how everyone is so concerned with his rope gag trick but yet the things he does with cards is way cooler. Btw the main trick he does here is called rainman.

  6. Jemma Bow says:

    Seriously, don't read on if you don't want the illusion to be ruined.
    The rope trick is done by having a length of rope already around his waist and then cutting the original rope when he is stood in front of it. After he does that then he simply holds all both ropes together in his hands. Notice how he doesn't let go of the rope after it 'goes through' him. I don't know if that makes any sense but just think that there are two ropes and that one is already around his waist from the beginning, then you should be able to figure it out.

  7. CyclopsAndTheMonocle says:

    The first guy used sleight of hand rather than misdirection, I realised after, but I was always looking for it, so maybe that WAS the misdirection.

  8. Francisco Selles says:

    The audience is terrible, it feels like they dont understand what he is doing.

  9. miamimagicians magician miami says:

    I like James Brown a lot more. I haven't seen Apollo do that much magic actually, I didn't like Cultural Exchange. I agree if you burn Green you can catch 99% of it. Not the most deceptive magician out there.

  10. Guy Stevens says:

    Thats true but he was claiming to use misdirection to fool them but it was all burnable slight of hand. Comparing James Brown or Apollo Robbins for example then his routine uses a shameful amount of misdirection to truly demonstrate it.

  11. Maximon Moro Magi says:

    I didnt like him very much the first guy of course
    the second -lennart- is very good and entertaining in a special way I believe

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