The Best Close-Up MAGICIAN In The World ? | YouTube Got Talent

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  1. arianna de jesus says:

    can yall shut up saying its fake & shit like yea we get it , magic isnt real but its still cool to watch . this is for entertainment purposes and still takes a lot of skill to do

  2. Shivan Mohyaddin says:

    If i was there, he wouldn’t be able to continue do his magic, i know some verses that has been spoken by the mighty god That cancels anything done by those who try to do magic (real magic ).. and that is…
    In the name of allah, the merciful
    واتبعوا ماتتلوا الشياطين علي ملك سليمان وماكفر سليمان ولكن الشياطين كفروا، يعلمون الناس السحر وما انزل علي الملكين ببال هاروت وماروت، ومايعلمان من احد حتي يقولا انما نحن فتنة فلاتكفر، فيتعلمون منهما مايفرقون به بين المرء وزوجه وماهم بضارين به من احد الا بإذن الله، ويتعلمون ما يضرهم ولاينفعهم ولقد علموا لمن اشتراه ماله فالاخرة من خلاق ولبئسما شروا به انفسهم لوكانوا يعلمون

    These words are not spoken by Men, its spoken by the mighty god the only and one Allah, only if you said these words the devils around this guy that we can not see would have ran away because magic is a SIN a big SIN that causes the doer to go in hell directly if he did not repent

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