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  1. Bill Page says:

    kevin james floating rose video ultra light extc ideas plus his side kick helped sig frig and roy in illusion switch aroos

  2. Bill Page says:

    it takes alot of practice with blowing bubbles and make them go in the durection you want them too once i get the right rythem of up down left right the buble wil move with the air flow of my hands movong with the buble in thiose directions the children like it ps there blowing bubbnles with bubble soultin in bottle with bubble wand so i take over some bigger bubbles and there mouth drops:) ps kodak magic moments:)

  3. Bill Page says:

    amazing i commened doug henning and kozac later on in the illusion show said hes doug henning

  4. Bill Page says:

    dpug henning lance burton idea illusion magician illusionist playas as the asstant hands cool

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