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  1. suzki ay6yhbb says:

    How can it not gone you' ve changed all the the symbols of the card instead of king heart it become king flower. My gosh your trick is so annoying next time try to make realistic broo

  2. Sneha mary Cutinha says:

    Nonsense Bec if u observe carefully the card which u think we be suffled only one card will not be that that is j black one rest all are then logically we try to find the card which we thought and the black space distract us from seeing rest of cards next time u observe

  3. S A D! anime f e v e r says:

    I know the trick. Your card is gone because they replaced the cards with different ones. I replayed the video and figured it out.

  4. Emmy Titlestad says:

    She have changed the cards if u look at the first picture u see a clever queen and on the Other picture she have changed IT now ITS another black one and the same with the other cards

  5. Francisco Magaña says:

    Your a fraud you took all of them i could tell because i choose my card and memorized the rest but the original were gone… good luck next time

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