This INCREDIBLE Card Trick Will Make Your Spectator Think Twice!

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  1. Magic Chris says:

    I think that the way you spread cards, force card and do double lift is kind of wooden, just looks not natural. Practice that man and good luck ;)

  2. Mark Dixon says:

    You making it to obvious your thumb is right over the top Card. The spectator sees this they will choose the top one. Then What you gonna do? The Trick is fucked

  3. Ralph Ocava says:

    You are not giving credits… put the real name of the trick… the trick is not yours…

  4. Theexcutioner 455 says:

    Mlt I was wondering if you can show a trick so at my school at kid named Pablo told us to choose any card and we chose 4 of clubs and he pulled the box out of his pocket and opened the box and layed out the cards and the 4 of clubs was folded ove without him touching don't know the name of the trick but would love to learn it please reply back

  5. Ezra Vall says:

    The Chicago opener is a great trick but you make me cringe with all the snapping and waving and stuff. It takes away from the magic of it all. Simpler is better.

  6. Dance Pants33 says:

    You could also use duplicates from totally different decks of the same size. That would be interestinh

  7. Jochen Cezanne says:

    The trick is really cool, but what if the spectator wants to examine the card deck … inside the deck of cards there is also the other king of spades! …
    In this case what do you recomand to get out of the trick clean ?
    Is there any way to take the other king of spades out of the deck?
    What are the options?!
    Cheers Jochen from Germany

  8. Chinmay Arora says:

    This is a pretty cool trick. Congrats on almost 50,000 subscribers. Just a tip for your performances, when you are doing a double lift, try to learn the pinky count, and to generally make your lifts look more natural. Great job otherwise!

  9. Mac101productions says:

    Ok listen… if your going to teach magic. Please, PLEASE get a better double lift. Your double lift looks HORRIBLE. Use a strike double lift or even a pinky count to setup your double. Please don't take this as hate. In fact, I'm going to subscribe just so I can see if you improve your method because I would hate to have you perform like that in front of spectators.

  10. Sagar Naik says:

    I was totally thinking about the overhand shuffle method while you were explaining ghe the first one

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