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  1. Crilodaco says:

    I was doing this along with the tutorial, and when he pulled the queen of spades at 4:17 I also did. When are you going to teach us THAT trick.

  2. Sparkling Spartan says:

    Please tell me how to do it don’t just do it for us I don’t know how to do it

  3. ReapersNight15 says:

    I’m not even joking, I started shuffling my deck and then I cut it when you did, you pulled out a card randomly it was the king of diamonds, I just pulled out my card randomly and it was the king of diamonds

  4. Kate Miller says:

    OK so I was just trying the first trick along with him and he pulls out the queen of spades while he's teaching it. Then I pulled out a completely random card and it was the queen of spades. I was also just picking random cards along with him at the beginning and he got the King of hearts but I got a different card… then at the very end when he revealed the king of hearts I came up with the same card. I had been doing it along side him and twice, I end up with the same card he does somehow… Freaky!

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