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  1. RaisedAce says:

    I saw this posted on the cafe. You are good Tyler, really good. You definitely know how to be entertaining

  2. Rich Hurley says:

    Your act is PERFECT! The most entertaining and original coin magic show I’ve ever seen. Roll over David Roth.

  3. Fresh Crumbino says:

    Perfectly crafted artisanal jokes had me groaning. The babes to your left and right were unbelievable.

  4. C Christensen says:

    This is Lars' sister, and I think you are the greatest magician that ever did coin tricks. Please keep doing your awesome acts and humor!

  5. Dani Marko says:

    Hey Tyler, Great vid, its really inspiring to see an entertaining coin magic show. It encourages me to keep practicing. Thanks man.

  6. Elliot Pearsall says:

    Fantastic! It seems like you really got the most out of each effect you did. I love your origionality. Also, out of curiousity, why you chose to use chinese coins opposed to silver dollars?

  7. Jason Edward says:

    WOW that was so smooth, funny and just fantastic. I love your coinwork and have been a fan for awhile now. PS Dean would be so proud of your show R.I.P Dean Dill.

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