Up Close Magic Champion Shin Lim Fools Penn Teller

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  1. Scott Baird Magic says:

    Hey, of everyone could take a second to check out my magic channel that would be awesome. X

  2. Randy Porter says:

    I disagree with other comments about preferring patter (talking) to music. For me, the fact that there was no lame dialog and only music, made all the difference. It has a mysterious element that would be lost otherwise. Talking, skilled magicians, are a dime a dozen. This was artistic and dramatic. Well done !

  3. k2d10tode11 says:

    he couldnt speak because he is a slytherine!
    that guy was speaking parseltongue while performing that trick! think thats why he wasnt speaking! the snakes would have frightenned the shit out of the audience!

  4. Dave Midgley says:

    They didn't know how he vanished the marker? He pushes it into his waistcoat, and I'm surprised P&T didn't know that ruse…

  5. Παντελης Κυρκενιδης says:

    well that would get real if he called pen and teller in not random girks who know nothing about sleight of hand

  6. Jay Hunter says:

    He has a second performer under the table. He flicks things to and from his unseen assistant.

  7. Tom Furgas says:

    Brilliant magic, but too serious/mysterious and too much handwashing. I prefer magic with patter and humor.

  8. alyssa fitzgerald says:

    Is it just me or does by his expressions and the way his makeup is and the way his hair and basically some features of his face he kinda looks like Gerard way (MCR MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE singer)

  9. Steve Rabon says:

    This guy is good and better than most who have been doing this their whole life and only been doing magic for 7 years

  10. barkon says:

    That was easily the best slight of hand I've ever imagined I could see. I did find the epic music a bit overdone.

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