Visualist Will Tsai: Close-Up Magic Act Works With Cards and Coins – America’s Got Talent 2017

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  1. skillex 7 says:

    Will tsai is actually being assisted by demons that is why he has a lot of chi inside of him

  2. ぎしろう says:

    1:28 You can see a difference between the screen and the real. He raised his right hand, but in the screen he didn't do that. It means that the image we can see on the screen had been shot before and effected before the show.

  3. SMS Vlogs says:

    This was amazing even his speech was beautiful we know it’s fake but for thirty seconds can we not just forget that and enjoy his hard work?

  4. Mochammad Yuliardhi Pratama says:

    I will waiting u died by your devil contract.good brave boy sold your soul.

  5. Be4st says:

    I am still fascinated by this trick. Part of me wants to say he's using that black hole material that doesn't reflect light and he has switches and compartments on the board controlled my either his foot or a timer. Whether I am right or not, that trick is amazing, well executed and gives me shivers every time.

  6. Kia For Chia says:

    if you look closely you can see the quarter 2:112:12 Its very slim but you can see it on the right hand or his left hand.

  7. Mike C. says:

    The table he is using is a computer or television screen. People see it on video from above. He is just moving his hands. The magic is in the 2 screens the audience is watching. Old trick!

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