Want To Be A Superstar Magic Creator? Ellusionist GM Tells You How To Sell Your Effect

You know you do it. You watch the flow of new tricks parade by and think to yourself, “That’s garbage. My version is better.” So why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Jason Brumbalow, the General Manager of Ellusionist explains how you can sell your trick.

Ellusionist is one the Internet’s premiere magic retailers having released effects from Danny Garcia, Wayne Houchin, Rich Ferguson and Eric Ross.

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Make sure you know the history of the effect

When (a creator is) sure of its originality it usually means that they have performed and researched it many times. Even if the effect is not original, the creator is at least sure of it.

YouTube comments are not real world feedback

Many creators get excited to hear their YouTube feedback, but it is based on a single angle web cam performance thinking they have created a legitimate working magic effect but as we all know, trial by fire comes by live performance, not webcam.

Perform it for at least one year

Unfortunately many creators consider their effects practical without successfully performing them in a live environment for more than 12 months. It takes that amount of time to just begin to refine an effect for distribution.

Find the worst place in the world to perform your effect, then perform it there

What looks good on a webcam or a mirror does not always mean that it will fly in a live setting, or on stage, or surrounded, or while being heckled by a gaggle of drunken frat boys. Again, apply trial by fire before submitting.

Even if you think it’s amazing, brace for disappointment

If it’s an amazing affect, it’s probably already been done. Do your research. If it is amazing and original, my email is jason at ellusionist

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