Will This INCREDIBLE Card Trick FOOL Penn & Teller?

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  2. idunlikeyou says:

    he must have the envelope open with the bag, so as he puts the camera into the bag, the camera prints out the image into the envelop, and he presses it down to seal it as he picks it back up to give to Penn

  3. shicrapt says:

    With limited time to look at the deck of cards, Penn and Teller couldn't tell definitively if they were marked, but he probably did have the deck custom-made and resemble a simple Phoenix deck of cards to disguise the marking. So he knew which card Teller picked, which is why Penn said "he is able to see things mere mortals can't". Inside the camera are images of all 52 cards, so all he had to do was take a photo of Penn, Teller and Allison and then choose the image to print on the photo. He then places the camera on the table so the printout is deposited inside the envelope which is inside the bag, and all he has to do is seal the envelope before he pulls it out of the bag.

    Great trick indeed just like Penn said.

  4. Bill Latibay says:

    He should have done more diversion in teller picking that card. Its obvious to these two that there’s no way to know the card except marking it at the back. Good show nonetheless

  5. carmelo monaco says:

    May be totally wrong here. But my idea is that camera is a printer with a sort of app where he can choose which one print over the photo. He prints inside the envelope and then seal it. How he knows which card they picked is the hard part…

  6. Basketcase642 says:

    the biggest flaw in this was how they never shuffled the deck. The magician can memorise the order of the pack, can probably eyeball how many cards were cut to the bottom and know what tose cards were as well as count how many were taken off the top and what those ards are, and the camera has a filter built in and you can see the print slot on the side of the camera where it can print out the picture, it's not a polaroid. Too easy to figure out, bad trick.

  7. Isaac Delgass says:

    Dude lion fludd is the most badass name Ive ever heard. Thats like being named “tiger avalanche” or some shit.

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