worlds BEST magician (dynamo) in india

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  1. Chiranjit Paul says:

    I am big fan of u dynamo…. I really like to meet u one time. It's my one of dream… Thank you for coming india

  2. Vincent Inobio says:

    guys this world that we known, is very difficult to explore… dynamo.. is an ALIEN……..ha ha ha!!!!!!!

  3. Sharada Dooru says:

    unbelievable performance mr dynamo i like you so much ,i love your magic,i want to take your autograph ,photograph

  4. Shaden The .g. says:

    One of these days dynamo is going to make a kid think he can fly and then there going to jump off something thinking they can fly

  5. hazratsaid says:

    Dajjali powers have come before dajjal. He has ghost that do every thing for him and seems unbelievable to the people.

  6. shibli995 says:

    Antichrist or False Messiah is coming, he will even control the weather so people call him God, so be careful about these guys.

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