You Need To Be Performing This Insane IMPROMPTU Card Trick!

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  1. Alexander Moore says:

    I have been doing magic for a long time and all of my tricks that I have learned are from your videos

  2. Karlo San pedro says:

    I have a question because at 1:40 i saw the 8 of hearts which is the card chosen. Is it intentionally ignored or what before the double lift? thankss

  3. Nicholas Royale says:

    For somebody who has never performed a card trick a double lift and a thumg break isn‘t easy

  4. Notality says:

    Really enjoy the way you explain tricks. Would love the amazon gift card to get me a new deck of cards!

  5. Ringo Jiro Nicolas says:

    dude, you gotta work on the controls, you become quite stiff when u do them, so its kinda obvious


    Tricks like this some of the moves didnt make sense and thats why i watch for as a magician..The flow of the trick can make or break

  7. How To Magic With BK says:

    The all I like in your channel is your explanation.. That's so amazing..
    You teach in a very innovative way…

  8. Jonathan Wennerström says:

    I love your channel because you show me some really cool tricks and you can acctually teach Rhen to me

  9. Eli Nyght says:

    I love the format. the presentation and then a very clear walk
    through. Thank you for doing this.

  10. dawson gibbons says:

    I joined your channel not too long ago. And I thought it was amazing. I like how you make such complicated tricks and make them so simple to learn. Keep up good work. Hope to get gift card. Even though it don't matter if I dont

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